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roundtrip Costa RicaCosta Rica Contrasts

roundtrip Costa Rica

We recommend the group tour “high contrast Costa Rica” to all those nature loving visitors, that want to connect in this way to the real highlights, white stains, authentic secret tips, with a well designed itinerary and comfort, adventure and culinary delights.

You're traveling with very small groups and very experienced guide. Between the various destination points, there are almost only short driving distances, the trip is relaxing, and there is plenty of time to experience nature, culture and adventure.

Tour in Costa Rica

This is a very balanced group tour through the tropical paradise of Costa Rica.

We recommend the group tour “high contrast Costa Rica” to all those nature loving visitors, that want to connect in this way to the real highlights, white stains, authentic secret tips, with a well designed itinerary and comfort, adventure and culinary delights.

You will be traveling with very small groups, and very experienced guides. Between the various destination points, there are almost only short driving distances, the trip is relaxing, and there is plenty of time to experience nature, culture and adventure.

Day 1-4

nature ridingFirst Day: Welcome to Costa Rica! (-, -, A)

Arrival at the airport of San José, where the guide will be already expecting you. A warm welcome awaits in the first accommodation in Santa Ana, where you can have a good rest in the garden from the long journey.

In the evening you will meet the other tour participants in a delicious dinner with Costa Rican specialties.

Overnight at Posada Nena

Second Day: exploring the nature reserve El Rodeo on horseback (B, L, D)

After a delicious breakfast, we'll go to the nature reserve El Rodeo. In the conservation area, which includes one of the last contiguous forests in the Central Valley, you can be lucky and see the first inhabitants of the forest. Monkeys jumping in the trees, toucans flying and screeching their way, and the cozy lazy sloths hanging in the trees.

Vulkan Poas

The region is best explored by horse. At a leisurely pace (the horses are suitable for children and beginners), we will go through the dense forests. You can enjoy the first trip through the Costa Rican rainforest in peace. Gourmet lunch in an idyllic atmosphere in the small lodge.
Overnight at Posada Nena.

3rd Day: View at one of the largest volcano craters in the world(F, -, A)

Today we will starts early in the morning to one of the main attractions in the Central Valley. The Poás Volcano is 2,704 meters high, and has one of the largest volcanic craters in the world. The walk to the volcano crater is not particularly difficult. When the visibility is good, you can take a look at the huge crater, which contains a bright blue lake.

It will be exciting when the Poás Volcano spews sulphurous mud, and steaming water into the air. From the main crater, we take a hike though a bizarre crippled forest, caused by the acidic air and the cold, up to the secondary craters with the Laguna Botos. Eyes open: here you may see some rare bird species.

Adventure Lodge Costa Ricas

Right from Poás it continues up north, towards the border of Nicaragua. Near the small town of Boca Tapada, is the Laguna de Lagarto Lodge. The jungle begins at the porch railing of the Lodge: Buzzing hummingbirds, toucans call, a horde of screaming parrots flying by bromeliads and orchids, corkscrew vines, and trees line the walking path. Pure nature and a paradise for nature lovers.
Overnight at Laguna del Lagarto Lodge


Day 4-7

rainforest toursFourth Day: Pure jungle! (F, -, A)

The lodge is located directly on the San Carlos River, the border river between Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The perfect place for taking an exciting boat ride up into Nicaraguan territory.

In the afternoon, you can explore the area around the lodge on your own, or explore the lagoon by canoe. When bathing, you should be a little cautious. You will learn the reason in the evening, when by the crocodile feeding, the eyes of the reptiles flash dangerously because of the lantern.
Overnight at Laguna del Lagarto Lodge

Rio San Carlos5th Day: The flora and fauna of Costa Rica (F, -, -)

In the morning, a botanical tour starts in the Lodge's own rainforest. Just a few hours to get a comprehensive view of life in the dense tropical rain forest. The guide explains the rare and useful plants, while walking around on an exactly analyzed floor. An excellent preparation for future visits in the tropical rainforest.

After lunch we head to the north. Near the village Los Chiles, it is set in the middle of a natural paradise, the next hotel.
Overnight Hotel de Campo

6th Day: boat trip through the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge - monkeys, caimans, and storks cross the path (F, -, -)

The Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, belongs today to one of the most biologically diverse areas in Costa Rica. It offers an amazing boat ride: storks fly by, monkeys romp in the trees, caimans and turtles paddling under water, while the Jesus Christ Lizard runs very fast on the water. Even the tapirs and cozy manatees can be seen here with a lot of luck.
Overnight Hotel de Campo

Vulcano Arenal7th Day Arenal Volcano - one of the 10 most active volcanoes in the world! (F, -, -)

 After eating our breakfast, we go to the most famous volcano in Costa Rica. The route goes along the Arenal Reservoir, to La Fortuna de San Carlos. The town lies at the foot of the active Arenal Volcano, and is a perfect base for day trips to the fire mountain.


In the afternoon and evening we must relax! You can swim in the hot springs of the volcano, and with luck see the red lava flowing down the mountain. An impressive spectacle.

Overnight at Hotel Linda Vista del Norte

Day 8-11

roundtrip Costa Rica8th Tag: Active Volcano Arenal: From a safe distance and close at the same time (F, -, -)

The Arenal Volcano is active since 1968 and is regarded as one of the 10 most active volcanoes. The constant eruptions are partially accompanied by loud rumbling. The lava has a temperature of up to 1000 ° C. Through a private access you can reach the national park, and penetrate the lava fields of the volcano.
From a safe distance but still you can observe the impressive spectacle: here we can understand the elemental force of a volcano.
Overnight at Hotel Linda Vista del Norte

9th Day: The Secret of the Río Celeste on the track (B, -, -)

Only a short distance further, over bumpy roads, is the National Park "Tenorio Volcano". This already long extinct volcano is surrounded by a dense vegetation. A globally unique phenomenon is the "Rio Celeste" - the sky-blue river. The water of the river is colored blue sky.  
Rio Celeste Vulcano tenorio

From the cause to get to the bottom, a little tedious jungle hike is necessary. We pass by the blue waters of the Celeste River Falls, and take a natural "bath". Hot springs that flow into the river, invite you to a relaxing bath.
After another little walk on a bumpy path and we get to the end of the track. At the confluence of two small mountain streams, the water mixes, and turns sky blue.
This is a chemical reaction of four different minerals of volcanic origin, such as sulfur, and calcium. The theory of the resident in the mountains Maleku Indians is much more satisfying: After God painted the sky, he rinsed the brush in the Rio Celeste.
Overnight at Tenorio Lodge

10th Day: Costa Rica's tropical cuisine (B, L, D)

On dirt roads, we go to the next lodge. Wild nature, waterfalls, and the direct proximity to the volcano Miravalles, and Rincon de la Vieja, make this accommodation a real experience.Have you already learn the Costa Rican cuisine? Then the current program point is certainly very interesting. With a little cooking course, the secrets of Costa Rican cuisine are revealed. The freshly prepared dishes reflecting watery mouths.
Overnight in Finca la Anita

agro in Costa Rica11th Day: Rincon de la Vieja - The bubbling witches' brew (F, -, -)

You may think: i have seen enough volcanoes. But each of the previously-viewed volcanoes is completely different, and shows the diversity of nature. The Rincon de la Vieja Volcano National Park has nine extremely impressive craters.Smoking chimneys, and mini craters remember that Costa Rica is located in a geologically active region. Here nature has created a witches' cauldron of bubbling mini-volcanoes and steaming holes in the ground, the you will explore by hiking.
Afterwards we head towards the coast. After the last few days full of rain forest and lush greenery, the eye longs for the deep blue sea. The wish is granted! In the small village Junquillal, where we move into our hotel.
Overnight at Guacamaya Lodge

Day 12-16

beaches Costa Rica12 - 15 Tag: Pure relaxation on the Pacific! (F, -, -)

These last few days are without a guide and may be taken y your own. Relax at beautiful beaches, tours with turtles, horse riding on the beach, and more is offered by the friendly lodge. Here you can rest, and reminisce the last days.
Overnight at Guacamaya Lodge


15th Day: return to Santa Ana (F, -, A)

Say farewell to the sun, beach, and sea, and return to Santa Ana.
Additional days are possible at any time.
Overnight at Posada Nena

16th Tag: Adiós Costa Rica! (F, -, -)

Transfer to the airport, and return on your own initiative.

We will gladly help you with the organization of an alternatively extension of the program.

Dates and costs:
For 2013, the following dates are scheduled:

12.01. to 26.01.13 from 2195 Euro
09.03. to 23.03.13 from 2195 Euro
03.08. to 17.08.13 from 2195 Euro
02.11. to 16.11.13 from 2195 Euro
other dates are available on request, from 6 people any time we open a new appointment.

Group size 6 - 12 participants
Single supplement: 420 Euros


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