roundtrip Costa RicaOur (round) Tours in Costa Rica

We offer in Costa Rica our established principle of an individual tour.

Individuality will be respected as much as possible. We operate only in the background, and prepare everything before we start, by mutual agreement.

The basic idea here is that the visitor of Costa Rica do not waste his time by pointless waiting, searching, and dead ends. To truly find the beautiful places in the country, get an honest, personal advice and then enjoy an authentic vacation in Costa Rica.

Here are discussed a few tried and tested routes suggestions. An important point that is based on all of our routes, are the short cuts between some destinations. The “marathon rides” are avoided, that's the only way to enjoy the rides. By mutal agreement, any combination can be selected. We can also organize international tours, such as Costa Rica and Panama, or Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Of course, we also offer guided tours through Costa Rica. In the itinerary, we look in the first place to visit the authentic Costa Rica, and put real secret tips to the route. Our classic, "contrast Costa Rica" fulfills all these conditions at low cost.


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