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Nationalpark Barra Hondavisit Barra Honda National Park

There are 46 limestone caves in the national park of Barra Honda

Barra Honda National Park is located in the north of Costa Rica, where the Nicoya Peninsula borders the mainland.
Unlike the volcanic rock in all of northern Costa Rica, is the "basin of Rio Tempisque" established on a foundation of limestone. Through millions of years of long erosion, the water has dug in the limestone numerous caves.


Caverna Terciopelo

costa ricacaves: Cueva terciopelo

The area is mostly covered by secondary dry forests, which have worldwide became very rare, and are a nice contrast to the usually visited Rain and cloud forests in Costa Rica.

There are 46 limestone caves in Barra Honda National Park, all in relatively good condition, because their vertical entrances are difficult to achieve.

Three caves are accessible to our visitors, the most exciting tour is definitely the "caverna Terciopelo", which can be visited in a small expedition.

After a short walk through the dry forest, where you can observe many native animals (howler monkeys, and who keeps his eyes open, will see on the right flat trail: deer, raccoons, wild pigs and anteaters), we reach the throat that leads down into the cave.

It is more than 17 m long vertical steel ladder into the Caverna. But safety is very important, and no visitor is allowed without a safety rope to descend. That's a good thing, because after 3 meters, the levels almost disappear in the rock. Full concentration is required.

Climbing down, you'll reach a point, 39 m below the entrance and can explore three large chambers of this impressive cave.

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