Vulkan Barva, Braulio Carillo

The Braulio Carrillo National Park

The National Park consists largely of evergreen primary forests

it is suspected to host over 6000 different species of plants

The Braulio Carrillo National Park was established on 15.04.1978, and is, with 47.586 ha, the largest national park in the central region of Costa Rica, and one of the main water reservoirs of the capital.

By strong fluctuations in height, we experience in PN Braulio Carrillo a very diverse flora.
The National Park is inhabitated by numerous rare rain and cloud forest dwellers, as tapirs, jaguars, capuchin and howler monkeys. There are also rare snakes, like the most feared bushmaster.

Nationalpark Braulio Carillo

Over 350 bird species, the rare Quetzal is to be mentioned. It was once sacred for the Mayan people, and is recognized worldwide as one of the most beautiful birds, with its bright red breast and the long, colorful tail feathers of the male. You can also find the endemic Tuberkelhokko.

Inside the park are the main resources which feed the major rivers of the Central Valley: the Rio Corinto, the Rio Sucio, the Rio General, the Rio Hondura, the Rio Patria and the Rio Sucio. And in the midst of this nature you will find the Barva Volcano, the Cacho Negro, and the Pico Zurquí.

The park extends from a height of 25 m above sea level up to 2906, with an average temperature between 2 and 24 C, and an average rainfall from 2500 to 5800 mm.


The National Park Braulio Carrillo received in honor to the name from the thrid president of Costa Rica. He was President of Costa Rica from 1837 – 1842.

In 1891 the railway line was inaugurated by the national park, in 1977 began the construction of a road from San José to Guapiles. A year later, the entire region was declared a national park in order to prevent the destruction of nature by the road. The concept has worked well.

National park in Costa Rica


There are two entrances to the national park.

On Sector Quebrada González:

The entrance is situated on the main street in San José Guapiles No. 32, two miles east after crossing the Rio Sucio, and it is well signposted.
This is the most visited entrance of the national park. There are 2 trails (sendero la Ceiba and sendero las Palmas), a ranger station where you have to pay for the admission and sanitation an amount of $ 10.

On Barva Volcano Sector:

A very interesting part of the National Park of Heredia, only accessible with a 4x4 vehicle (or with a long, extra walking distance). This is the Sector Barva Volcano, a long extinct volcano. You will have to pay 8$ for admission.

At the foot of the 2906 m high peak is the lagoon Barva, the crater with a diameter of 70 meters and a maximum depth of 8 m. Most of the lake is in the mist; the Lord of the Rings would have been happy in this forest.

Above the first viewing point, you can climb a hiking trail to admire the lagoon from above. Another crater lake is after a relatively strenuous walk, the Laguna Copey.

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