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volcano Poas, Costa RicaPoás Volcano Alajuela

Actual: in April 2017 Volcano Poás had strong eruptions and is cloesed for visitors until new information!!!!

The Poas Volcano is one of the most visited volcanoes in the world.

The 2708 m high volcano is located just a short hour's drive from Santa Ana. It is located in the national park, which covers an area of 5600 hectares.

The volcano is considered active, even though it is usually quiet and resting. Since 1928, it has erupted 39 times, in the near earthquake in January 2009 there was a slight eruption.

Vulkan Poas, Zentraltal Costa Rica

The volcano has two large craters, the main crater measures 1500 m in diameter and 300 meters deep to its base, you can watch a steaming lagoon. Both craters, the north crater is much smaller and it is filled with a sky-blue lagoon, the Laguna Botos. A circuit trail to Laguna Botos, you may have luck and watch very rare bird species. Hummingbirds are very common, but also the rare quetzal has been spotted.

To enter the park you will have to pay an entry fee of U.S. $ 15 (as foreigner). There is a nice, not very strenuous trail to Laguna Botos, which takes about 40 minutes by walking. At the entrance is a small Café, a gift shop, and a museum, which is about the Poás Volcano and other volcanoes in general.

Tours: We offer, from 1 person, daily tours from San Jose to the Poás Volcano, if desired in combination with other highly interesting destinations in the area.

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