Caiman in Tortuguerovisit Tortuguero National Park

Great tour, gerat wildlife in Costa Rica

The "Tortuguero National Park" is located in the protection zone of Tortuguero

It lies in the northeast of the province of Limon in Costa Rica, and is the third most visited national park in Costa Rica, although it can only be reached by boat or plane. In the Tortuguero National Park you will find an insane biological diversity, due to the many different landscapes and climates that can be found here. Tropical rain forests, beaches, alluvium, lagoons, rivers, Caños... to name just some of the landforms.

The tropical, very humid climate with rainfall of nearly 6 m in a year, grants the Rainforest a honorable place. As a visitor, you may expect rain.

The park borders the Caribbean Sea, its beaches represent nesting sites for endangered turtle species, especially the large leatherback turtle. The nesting sites are actively protected since 10 years ago. When visitors come between the months of July and September, you may watch the turtles while spawning (the protection of the animals stays in foreground). It is not allow to walk on the beaches at night without a guide.

In the waters of the national park, manatees (sea cows) have been spotted, as well as caimans, crocodiles and many snakes, frogs and lizards. In the forests lives the jaguar, sloths (two-and three-fingered), and three of the five species of monkeys that are residents of Costa Rica (the spider monkey, the howler monkeys and capuchin monkeys). Nearly 400 species of birds have been sighted, and over 400 species of trees and 2500 species of plants.

To enter the national park you have to pay a daily fee of $ 10; this fee will go to the conservation fund of the national park. We strongly recommend to take a trip to Tortuguero with a professional guide. Since you have the guarantee that the protection of the national park and the animals is in the foreground, the tours are balanced and you get communicated with a lot of information. The cost is less than if you hire are a private boat.

Of course, you can not assume that you are the only visitor in a place so interesting. It is therefore more important that the visitors are guided, and is thus obtained by visiting the environment and not destroying it. More information about our tours in the Tortuguero National Park can be found here: Tour Tortuguero National Park.

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